Top Three Motivational Workout Strategies

Tim Irvine

By Tim Irvine


That statement is so true. Every so often, it is tough to maintain the energy that existed when you started your new routine. Even dedicated folks have the potential for a funk. Whether it’s a lack of sunshine, work stress or just not enough positive energy around you, sticking with your plan can be a challenge. Here are three simple but really effective ways to keep yourself engaged for the next six weeks and beyond.

1.       Each morning, do these three things as soon as you wake up:

a.       Bathroom visit

b.      Grab pen/paper/organizer and take 60 seconds to organize; A) what time you will work out; B) what you will do in your workout (hint: make it something fun/different/interesting); C) where you will have lunch and what you will eat.

c.       Go about your morning routine as usual.

The Key: Only take 60 seconds. You shouldn’t need more than that. Let’s face it, 60 seconds will not have a negative impact on your morning but will have a huge positive impact on your success for the day.

2.       Get a Buddy

Yes it’s cliché and yes, it will take a bit more planning. But wow, what a difference it makes for you staying on track. Accountability is like that. Your buddy can be a friend, family member or a trainer, it doesn’t matter. The only thing that does is that you are now responsible to someone else. A bonus in this scenario is that each of you can take turns planning the workout as above. Now you have variety built in as well.

3.       Do something you enjoy

You know those people that bug the hell out of you because they are so committed to getting to their workouts? Their secret is that they have found something they love to do. Would anyone else submit themselves to doing things over and over, long term, if they disliked them? Of course not.

If it’s sports, do sports. If it’s rowing, do rowing. If it’s classes, do classes. If you don’t know, try activities that interest you. Something out there will be fun.

That’s it. Simple but so effective. The great thing about the three points above is that they apply at any time of the year. Whenever your motivation lags, employ some version of these tips to continue taking steps forward. Even small steps get you to a destination.

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