We are much more than a ‘fitness company’, or any company for that matter. A company that is just a company really only measures itself on financial performance. We believe that is a shallow way to approach the world. Our belief is to stand for something more. To seek to change the world, or the world of an individual, in a positive way. To help to improve someone’s life. Whether that is a more positive health outcome or something as simple as a warm, friendly greeting, these sorts of efforts establish an energy that lifts those around us.

If you are people-focused, energetic, proactive, knowledgeable, fun, positive and inspiring, then we will likely work well together…for a long time

We believe in…

  • an incredible culture
  • treating people with respect
  • helping clients achieve incredible results
  • fostering collaboration
  • challenging your teammates be better and accepting those challenges yourself
  • constantly developing knowledge through professional development
  • being proactive
  • performing at the top level of our profession
  • having lots of fun

If this sounds like the place for you, connect with us. For great people, we are always hiring.

Currently, we have openings for the following positions:

Full-time Personal Trainer – Totum at Medisys

Part-time Massage Therapist – King Studio

Please submit a resume as follows:

Medisys (financial district) location to the attention of Chris Kornacki at chriskornacki@totum.ca.

King & Spadina location to the attention of Jason Ingram at kingstudio@totum.ca or mc@totum.ca for clinic positions.

All other locations to the attention of Danielle De Melo at yongestudio@totum.ca.

Thanks for considering Totum.