Tim Irvine

President & Co-founder


  • Bachelor of Physical Education, University of Saskatchewan
  • Master of Science, University of Saskatchewan
  • Canadian University Football Championship (Vanier Cup) two times, winning the second time
  • Boston Marathon finisher

In 1995, Tim and his wife Stacy moved from the prairies, where they grew up, to Toronto with the hopes of continuing their education at the doctorate level. Luckily for Tim, he fell into personal training where he, and Stacy, would soon become managers and co-owners of what would evolve into Totum. For Tim, it was a perfect blend of hands on service and managing people. To hear Tim tell it, he hasn’t ‘worked’ a day since. Fast forward to today and Tim has taken his 20+ years of industry experience, the many lessons of business ownership and his passion for working with people to help Totum evolve into one of the fitness industry’s most respected companies.

Tim has always had a positive focus on working towards making things better. This includes consistently striving to make things better for the clients of Totum, but also for Totum’s team members and the fitness industry as a whole. Another important characteristic of Tim’s is his strong belief in team work and unselfishness. To be exceptional at the former, you must be exceptional at the latter. Tim believes that when you acknowledge that everyone around you has something to teach you, your possibilities for learning become infinitely greater. As a result, the ability for you and those around you to excel expands exponentially. It’s part of the cultural fabric at Totum. Combining this approach with detailed planning on business objectives creates a very strong foundation for business success.