Phillip Howell


  • BHk
  • MScPT

Phillip Howell is a Physiotherapist graduating from the University of Toronto. Prior to becoming a Physiotherapist, Phillip earned an Honours degree in Human Kinetics with a Psychology minor from the University of Windsor.

Phillip continues to develop his assessment and treatment skills through research and course-based learning. He has earned a Contemporary Medical Acupuncture certificate from the University of McMaster and is currently pursuing his Advanced Orthopaedic Manual and Manipulative Therapy levels though the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

Phillip uses a functional holistic assessment and treatment style that identifies the complex nature of each individual’s pain experience. Through a detailed interview and assessment process, Phillip identifies factors contributing to musculoskeletal pain and movement disorders. Through a combination of Neurofunctional Acupuncture, soft tissue manipulation, joint mobilization, corrective exercise and stretching, he is able to effectively and efficiently address physical dysfunction. Phillip takes great pride in his craft and providing clients with the best care possible.

In his spare time, Phillip enjoys playing golf, practicing yoga, running and weight training as well as other physical pursuits. His educational and recreational sports background allows him to treat clients ranging from “weekend warriors” to professional athletes.