Mary-Catherine Fraser Saxena

Clinic Director / Physiotherapist

Mary-Catherine joined Totum as a physiotherapist in 2004. In 2006 she took over the role of Clinic Director and has done an amazing job building one of the busiest rehabilitation clinics downtown. She has tripled the number of therapists that she started with. She also maintains her own busy clinical practice.

Mary-Catherine believes in the power of the team to help patients, and as such builds links between the variety of service providers we have. She has worked to create a clinic with an amazing balance of experienced practitioners as well as newer graduates. Those newer graduates have mentorship opportunities with the longer serving team members, some who have over 20 years experience. MC, as she is known, feels it is important to stay current with newest research and techniques. By working with students from U of T and the Naturopathic college, we are able to share our knowledge as well as stay up to date in our own approaches.

MC’s management style is collaborative and she has focused her team to work together to ensure that patient goals are met. They meet together and regularly share treatment approaches as well as helping each other in problem solving. Perhaps you are looking to recover from a simple strain? Or perhaps you have a goal of running a marathon or hiking across South America? Or maybe you are simply looking to keep up with your kids? Your team may include only one practitioner, or may incorporate your trainer, our naturopath and one of our manual therapists. We communicate with your family doctor, sports medicine physician or orthopedic surgeon to ensure you have a unified delivery of health care.

Mary-Catherine appreciates any feedback and is also happy to help if you have any questions regarding the Totum approach.