Krista De Luca


Krista is a two-time University of Toronto graduate, completing her Bachelors in Physical and Health Education in 2010, and her Masters in Physiotherapy in 2013. As a clinician, she enjoys getting people back at what they enjoy doing most and tailoring treatment plans to meet the goals and expectations of the client. She is working towards specializing in orthopaedics through the Orthopaedic Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, where advanced manual therapy skills and techniques are largely the focus. She has been a member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and the Orthopaedic division since 2013. Krista has also co-authored a paper that was published in the Physiotherapy Canada Journal in 2015.

Krista is passionate about fitness and sports, specifically running and soccer, because they have always been part of her lifestyle. She truly believes an active body supports longevity and overall life satisfaction. Krista has a special interest in sports and orthopaedic injuries in all levels of sports and fitness participation. Her treatment approaches include manual therapy, soft tissue release, and exercise prescription. Krista was a 2015 Toronto medical volunteer for the Pan American games, treating a variety of sports injuries and athletes in the Athletes Village medical centre. She enjoyed the games’ environment and working with fellow professionals in a volunteer capacity.

If not at the gym, on the soccer field, or enjoying a good book, you may find Krista walking her Maltese-yorkie mix dog along the waterfront. Having a dog that required physiotherapy, and being an animal lover, she has a growing interest in canine rehab!