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Why Totum Chiropractic is Different

At Totum, our approach to chiropractic is unique. Patients are involved in an active rehabilitation model, guided by your chiropractor for the entire appointment of 20 – 40 minutes. We do not leave you attached to modalities or refer you to therapist aids. Our philosophy in this regard is to give you maximum time with your therapist. Our goal is always to help you efficiently return to full function as soon as possible. The great thing is…we know this works.

Our chiropractors use a variety of techniques and modalities to address your condition, including ART®, Functional Range Conditioning, and acupuncture. All treatment techniques used by Totum practitioners start and end with movement. We spend a significant portion of our time evaluating faulty movement patterns and then either treating or training the patient to improve these movement patterns. Our goal with this type of therapy is to reduce pain, but also ensure that the injury does not re-occur when you leave. Recovery often requires the patient to have an active role in the process through exercise.

Lastly, we have experience and knowledge. We have been practising this evidence-based brand of chiropractic for over 15 years so we have a high degree of confidence in our ability to help. Many of our chiropractors work with elite athletes where the outcomes are easily measured by performance. Combine this experience with our consistent professional development, and you can be confident you will be working with chiropractors who have the experience and evidence-based knowledge to help resolve your injury quickly.

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