5 Ways To Stretch Your Wardrobe While Between Sizes

Debbie King

By Debbie King

Have you signed up for gym membership or consulted with a nutritionist to kick off your 2016 fitness goals? Awesome! You’ll soon be feeling strong, svelte and generally more fabulous. Yes, I have absolute faith you can do it. But be warned. Achieving success in the gym can wreak havoc on your closet!

As a fashionista, you may jump at the chance to coordinate new purchases in your new smaller size. To others, the task of restyling may be daunting, stressful or even upsetting. Before you throw in the towel or take your credit card out for a marathon shopping spree, consider these smart solutions to help manage your wardrobe as your size and shape shift:

Purple bra and underwear1. Start at The Bottom
A sharp look starts with good foundation garments. Your bra and underwear size may change as you lose inches. If the underwire rides up or if that pretty black lace is no longer snug to your skin, it’s time to refresh. Visit a local boutique for a professional bra fitting and consider investing in at least one high-quality bra that fits well now and will also fit if you lose another half inch off your bust line. With the girls well supported, you’ll appear taller and slimmer through the torso, while the right underwear will ensure a great rear view in your favourite outfits.

2. Tailor to Your Needs
Like your hairstylist and naturopath, a tailor could become your next best friend. A skilled tailor can alter different parts of your blazers, shirts, pants, skirts and dresses to ensure a better fit as your measurements change. This small investment in your best pieces can extend the life of your outfits by several months.

DebbieKingRFR20150918_111352985-325x5793. What’s Old Is New Again

Second hand shopping is a smart way to get “new to me” items while saving on cash and your environmental footprint. Bonus points for this eco-friendly option. Patience, savvy and comfortable shoes will serve you well in treasure-filled consignment and thrift shops where you can spend shockingly low prices on pre-loved pieces. Online classified groups and clothing swaps are another fantastic way to find gently worn casual or work wear. This one’s win-win as you can also unload those larger sizes that no longer fit and often have leftovers donated to charity.

4. Rent vs Buy
Whether you’ve achieved your goal or are still working toward it, special occasions are the perfect opportunity to celebrate your success. Go ahead, get dolled up and strut your stuff with new confidence and a fancy frock. But instead of spending a small fortune on a dress that may not even fit by time the next wedding invitation arrives, consider a designer dress rental.

The expert stylists at Rent Frock Repeat will help select a style and size that shows off your assets and all your hard work! Did you know Rent frock Repeat carries sizes 0-24 and you can even rent a second size for only $10 to make sure the fit is perfect the day of your event? And did you know that Totum members receive 15% off dress rentals? Become a member on rentfrockrepeat.com (it’s fast and free), to view their entire dress inventory.

PSNS558BN-6-SX-325x4105. Hold On
If you’ve followed the plan, you should arrive at a size, shape or fitness level that you feel great at and which you can sustain healthfully. At this stage, you’ll inevitably have a few great items in your closet that are just a bit too big and too nice to part with. Consider hanging onto these select few pieces for one more season. Life happens and in the case that you gain a few pounds or inches again, you don’t want to find yourself in the same situation with nothing to wear eight months from now. If by the next season they are still too big, part ways!
Tip: The same principles apply when your weight and body move in other directions.

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