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Totum Seniors Training Academy

We are very excited to announce the next block of our Seniors Training Academy!  Although we have been working with active seniors for over a decade, we have never had a program that was focused specifically on this type of training.  Many of you have talked to us over the years about your parents needs to get out of the house and be active, but you did not have a good place to send them….now you do.  In addition to this, we know there is a demographic of Totum clients that represent some of the healthiest Seniors in the country.  We decided last year that we should have a program dedicated to this amazing group…..The Seniors Training Academy!

What is the Seniors Training Academy?

This is a group program that will run twice a week on Tuesday’s and Friday’s at Totum Performance from 10:15 am to 11:15 am.  The workout will consist of a 30 minute outdoor walk followed by an indoor group training session that will emphasize the development of Strength, Mobility, Balance and General Well Being.  This will be followed by coffee next door at White Squirrel/Freshii.  The workout will end at 11:15 and coffee will be after that.  The goal of the Seniors Training Academy at Totum is to bring like minded Seniors together in a fun, healthy environment and work together to maintain and improve everyone’s fitness.

Further Details

The first session will be Tuesday May 16th and will run until Friday June 16th . You will need good walking shoes and winter wear for the outdoor portion and then you will not need any footwear for the indoor session.  You can wear socks or bare feet.

The cost is 200$+HST for 10 sessions.

We look forward to meeting you at Totum!
To register for the Seniors Program today, please contact yongestudio@totum.ca or call 416.928.2108.