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Why Totum Chiropractic is Different

Our approach to chiropractic is not traditional. Our approach is an active rehabilitation model in which you are with your chiropractor for the entire appointment of 20 – 40 minutes. Often chiropractic sessions are 5 minutes in length and meant to be repetitive on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. While this model can provide relief temporarily, it is not as effective as actually addressing the underlying cause of the problem. By doing so, our orthopaedic experts will work with you to help eliminate the issue altogether. We do not refer you to kinesiologists or therapist aids. Our philosophy in this regard is to give you maximum time with those with the greatest knowledge, with the goal of decreasing your overall treatment time. The great thing is that we know it works.

Our chiropractors use a variety of techniques and modalities to address your condition, with ART® being one of the most common. This is a very effective, deep tissue technique that returns muscles to normal function. It is especially effective for repetitive strain injuries or to free up ‘sticky’ scar tissue that can impair muscle movement once an injury has healed.

Lastly, we have experience and knowledge. We have been practising this evidence based brand of chiropractic for 15 years so we have a high degree of confidence in our ability to help. Combine this experience with our consistent professional development and you will be working with chiropractors who have the experience and cutting edge knowledge to help resolve your injury quickly.

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